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About Us

CNB Co. Ltd. is a privately owned and operated company which specializes in the distribution of goods and services. Here at CNB Co. Ltd. we base on business on tried and tested customers care values. We never have to compromise our emphasis of offering outstanding quality and service to our customers. The emphasis we place on values are the pillars upon which CNB Co. Ltd. has proven itself over and over again. We are a company that you can trust and depend upon. We pledge to guide all our actions with utmost integrity and honesty.

CNB contributes to enriching life by providing products and services that are loved and trusted. CNB is started 1963, step by step more industries were covered and added to business scope. CNB wants to go beyond borders and limits, as far as possible. CNB already covers different divisions from industrial raw materials to consumers goods. Mostly business to business method and some distribution to big chains in different countries. CNB main offices are located in UAE, China, Russia, Korea and Tanzania. CNB will continue to make customers’ lives richer with its restrict quality control and management.

CNB aims for win-win growth, communicating, innovating and developing with our partners. We believe that it is important to communicate, innovate and establish efficient cooperative relationships with partners, growing together through these meas. CNB is also doing its best to ensure local community growth and global win-win growth. We are actively bringing in regional specialties from relevant areas to contribute to the revitalization of the local economy and maintaining global win-win growth by entering overseas markets with excellent partners. CNB is opening a future of win-win growth through these diverse efforts.

We deliver Love, we are committed to benefiting our neighbors, believing in innovation and achievement and making efforts to create a future full of hope.

Believing that love grows when shared, CNB carries out activities to contribute to society in various fields. CNB gives care and support in many areas of society to help everyone fulfill their hopes for a better world. Since 1960s, CNB has supported many foundations to achieve their goals to support people who need more attentions.


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